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Each cell in an ABCue puzzle contains an A, a B or a C.

The remaining required number of A's, B's and C's per row/column are shown on the right/bottom.

In an ABCue, each small 2x2 square must contain at least one A, one B and one C.

For a standard ABCue, that's all. For the (slightly more difficult) 'Diagonal-3' (or 'D3') type, there is an additional requirement: no letter may occur 3-in-a-row on any diagonal.

Tap or click a cell to select the desired letter. If you continue tapping/clicking after the C, the cell content will cycle through AB, AC and BC which can be used to indicate which letter is impossible for that cell. The Reverse button will cycle the last clicked/tapped cell content backwards.

Choose a random puzzle of your preferred type and size below and reset all counters to zero while finding the unique solution!

Or use the Challenge button to try and beat someone else's best time on a (current type/size) puzzle they solved.

Puzzle type: standard

Puzzle size: small (4 columns, 5 rows)

Complexity level: advanced

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